**Watch Now!**

The YCNL Simulcast is not a youth rally and it’s not JUST a video; it’s a ministry tool to help you pull your group or church together to pray and prepare your hearts and minds for what will be a phenomenal weekend.

This year, no matter where you are in the province, you can get all your students, parents, or church members in one place to watch the Simulcast and then pray together after. Or you may gather everyone, and follow it up with food or activities. Maybe you need to plan a final parent/student meeting to go over your logistics for YCNL, why not watch the Simulcast and transition into your meeting after? Invite your students to a location for a viewing party! This year the Simulcast is on a Tuesday, if your church prayer meeting is on Tuesday, why not watch it as a church body and pray along with us for YCNL and the youth across our province.

Plan Your Simulcast Event

  1. Pick A Venue
    • Pick a venue to host your viewing part at. We recommend hosting it at a house or somewhere comfortable where you can create a relaxed atmosphere.
  2. Choose A Host
    • Choose a host to lead the night. This can be the youth pastor/director, a small group leader, or an older student who you want to embower with a great leadership opportunity.
  3. Watch The Simulcast
    • The Simulcast starts at 7:30PM. Be sure to tune in on time and watch it together; a link will be posted on the front page of www.ycnl.ca to the video. Worship and pray along wherever you are. We will have special prayer focuses throughout the night. Have TONS of Newfie snacks ready and maybe even decorate the room like Newfoundland.
  4. What Now?
    • Have a plan for after the Simulcast! Transition into your parent/student meeting, have a time of prayer together specifically for your group and your travel, or host a social and games night. It is a great time to connect before the hectic YCNL weekend and maybe introduce a new student who is coming along to the other students in the group.

Join Us In Person!

We are so excited to have Bread & Wine joining us for this evening. We will be live streaming from Gander at Evangel Pentecostal Church. Tickets for this event will be $15.00 and can be purchased through the office at Evangel Pentecostal Church or can be purchased online by clicking here.

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