YCNL is quickly approaching and we know you’ve been busy making travel arrangements, hotel bookings, and meal reservations. At the same time, hopefully you are also making arrangements with parents to guarantee the safety of their kids!

We know youth workers hate paperwork and you’re still searching for that receipt for the pizza you purchased for the last youth social. But when it comes to travelling with students or having them participate in activities outside of your church, waivers are a necessity. A waiver allows parents/guardians to give written permission to your church to take their child to the YCNL Conference. Today, we’d like to offer you a sample waiver that you can modify and use for your own group.

The sample waiver we have provided in the link below includes all medical information, allergy information, a media release, and signed consent from the parent. It covers everything you need to ensure parents that you and your chaperones are well prepared and equipped to make sure the student has the best and safest YCNL experience possible.

This waiver is available in Pages and Microsoft Word. Simply use the “Find and Replace” feature in each program to replace “INSERT CHURCH NAME HERE” with your church name.

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