After years of hosting life-changing events, supporting our local communities, raising incredible offerings, and joining together as a family for 19 Thanksgivings, YCNL has decided to take a strategic pause for 2019 and not hold our annual conference this October. This decision has not come easily, but we believe it is necessary due to a significant transition of leadership within the Youth Collective. We apologize for any inconvenience this has caused to planning and budgeting within local churches. We also know many groups have started fundraising, and we encourage you to invest that money into your local community or a global missions project (YCNL’s Biosand Filters initiative is a great option and can be found right on our website).

In 2017, we rebranded as the Youth Collective Newfoundland & Labrador because YCNL has always been more than a conference. The Youth Collective is excited to continue many of our initiatives in 2019 and we encourage you to join us. From a Global Impact perspective, we are excited to partner with World Vision Canada to help support youth ministries in running a 30 Hour Famine in their communities. We are supporting the Global Leadership Summit this Fall as a part of our Leadership Development strategy. We are also excited for the Imagine Conference in March, a leadership development conference for leaders in children’s, youth, and young adult’s ministries.

Thank you for being a part of the Youth Collective movement and for all your support, comments, and inquiries over the past few months.  Stay tuned for news on our social media, website, and YCNL App on future events and initiatives.

For this generation,
YCNL Lead Team

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